Agroxy partners with Bluenumber in Africa and Eastern Europe

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In October 2019, Agroxy signed as a Bluenumber partner to deploy bluenumbers (B#s) in Ukraine, Tanzania and Nigeria.

Agroxy is a blockchain enabled ecosystem that facilitates domestic and cross-border trade of agricultural commodities. They create simple and free digital tools for agricultural supply chains to increase yield, improve profits sustainably, reduce food wastage and ease logistics. Agroxy champions a world of zero hunger with a network of thousands of farmers on their platforms.

“We are delighted to partner with Bluenumber in Africa and Eastern Europe, bringing traceability of product origin to the regions. The importance of traceability is not fully appreciated by farmers in those regions but with our help, they will realise that it would enable them to access new markets and better funding,” said Andrew Dresviannikov, CEO of Agroxy.

A bluenumber (B#) is a unique alphanumeric code for any person, organisation, place or thing that can be used to identify, enable and empower individuals, such as a farmer or a conscious consumer. It is a primary key to link datasets and verify information from multiple sources. To date, over half a million bluenumbers have been issued in supply chains across the globe.

With a growing partner network, Bluenumber helps businesses trace their supply chains, verify and analyse their data, and generate evidence to support their sustainability claims. 

Puvan Selvanathan, Founder and CEO of Bluenumber, said “We have found natural synergy with Agroxy. Their experience in gathering and handling key data optimises trading and benefits farmers and their communities. We have a shared goal to put more money directly in farmers’ pockets and to find the best prices for their data as well as their crops. We will also plug-in SDG Scorecard capability to Agroxy’s platforms to measure and improve supply chain sustainability”.

Together, Bluenumber and Agroxy aim to bring transparency and traceability to food supply chains across Eastern Europe and Africa, leading to greater benefits to farmers via better pricing of their produce and access to financing and quality inputs. 

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Working together towards better traceability in food supply chains

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