Kao Corporation Partners Bluenumber

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12 October 2017, Kuala Lumpur: Kao Corporation has partnered with Bluenumber to establish traceability in its Palm Oil supply chain.

B# ID is a unique identifier delivered over mobile phone and the Internet to every supply chain actor – farmers, producers, logistics operators, and consumers – to self-declare who they are, where they are, and the products and services they offer or require.

“Kao is leading the call for transparency at every step in the supply chain of cosmetics from raw material through to their final products. Kao will use B# ID to connect with all actors in their chain. Every farmer and supplier can volunteer data directly to Kao securely online to make themselves visible and establish full traceability,” said Miho Okada, Managing Director of TraceBlue of Japan*1.

B# ID information is maintained in an independent, neutral registry and shared by user permission on a global map. Individuals and organizations with B# IDs are encouraged to voluntarily and regularly disclose information on their sustainability performance to avoid the need for audits and costly certification.

Kao uses derivatives made from palm oil and palm kernel oil, which are produced mainly in Malaysia and Indonesia, as raw materials for consumer and chemical products. Kao aims to ensure that these oils are sustainable and traceable back to the farm, as required by Kao’s procurement guidelines. Kao will use B# ID as a traceability tool and help their farmers and suppliers maintain good practices.

* 1 TraceBlue of Japan

TraceBlue of Japan issues B# ID for Japanese companies and organizations. B# ID allow Japanese organizations to access information about the producers and workers across their supply chain to establish 100% traceability in their global business, and facilitate direct communication between the organizations and producers and workers. TraceBlue of Japan services empower producers, workers and the organizations they are connected to become resilient, manage emerging risks and prevent disruptions in the supply chain.

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