Where we work


  • We connect farmers.
  • We trace to the smallest actor.
  • We evidence NDPE commitments.
  • We reduce cost to assure and verify sustainable sourcing.


B# IDs can clearly identify workers, factories, farms, mills and distribution points within complex supply chain. We provide data visualisation and insights cost-effectively for full traceability.

Any small farmer or supplier with a Bluenumber can be engaged directly, tracked, asked for self-declaration of practices and incentivized for better performance. Choosing to support a smallholder farmer directly via Bluenumber supports sustainability and corporate responsibility.

For agricultural commodities, Bluenumbers can reveal the location of every farmer and facilities to confirm no deforestation, no planting in protected areas, no hotspots.

Supplier Management

  • We reduce supply chain risks.
  • We provide traceability and analytics.
  • We enable responsible procurement.
  • We allow for digital proof of delivery and financing.


Businesses need information and assurance to identify and manage risks within their supply chains. Companies use B#ID to ensure their suppliers follow standards.

More and more actors are now connected and also interconnected. We identify and verify data from various sources on people, places and organisations to provide assured transparency for supply chains. We help companies detect risk patterns, inefficiencies and hidden vulnerabilities in their operations.

Using their B#ID, workers can directly report back to buyers, reveal their location and their workplace conditions, to prove that they are treated fairly and with dignity.

Financial Inclusion & Healthcare

  • We provide ‘Identity as a Service’ (IDaaS).
  • We allow interaction with IOT devices without revealing personal data.
  • We are a cost-effective, scalable pre-KYC platform.
  • We deliver a neutral platform for push/pull services.


People in places with weak services infrastructure do not have accounts, credit histories, health records or standard documentation.

The World Bank says there are 2 billion unbanked people in the world today. But, of these, 1 billion have mobile phones, which represents a new avenue for mobile money and financial services. Digital inclusion enables financial inclusion.

Bluenumbers let people create real-world profiles in lieu of a formal credit history or accessible health records. A digital identity may be accepted instead of traditional certificates or documents.