Timber Traceability Platform: Nature’s Barcode

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A new technology partnership brings to light the journey of wood products from forest to consumer

A new partnership enables companies to understand the journey of wood products through the supply chain from forest to store shelf. Combining best-in-class traceability, verification, and visualization, the timber traceability platform being introduced by DoubleHelix in partnership with Sourcemap and Bluenumber makes critical supply chain information available to different stakeholders:

  • Compliance and procurement officers can organize huge volumes of supply chain data and due diligence evidence.
  • Company leaders can quickly understand supply chain risk.
  • ESG investors or regulatory authorities can evaluate sustainability metrics.
  • Consumers can explore where their wood products come from.

DoubleHelix, Bluenumber and Sourcemap have a common objective to help leaders in the industry be confident in the products they bring to market. This is achieved through better visibility, understanding, and control of their supply chain practices. The new Timber Traceability Platform enables a full suite of services including traceability, verification, and presentation in a stunning database visualization.

The three companies are leaders in their respective fields:

DoubleHelix provides supply chain discovery, risk assessment, mitigation, and verification services to buyers of wood products. On-the-ground experts check supply chain practices, supported by a suite of scientific tools such as DNA and isotope testing to independently verify data. Bluenumber brings technical expertise to digitize, analyze and ensure confidentiality of supply chain data through blockchain, machine learning, and other emerging technologies. Sourcemap provides the platform to present, visualize and communicate complex supply chain data in a simple, accessible and attractive format.

Chief Executive Officer of DoubleHelix, Darren Thomas shares, “This partnership helps our customers to not only manage and analyze huge amounts of supply chain data but also respond to growing calls from consumers, investors and regulators to demonstrate better knowledge and control of their global supply chains. It provides our customers with access to the latest technologies, safe in the knowledge that they are tailored to the needs of the industry. We hope that, as more and more people start to appreciate where their wood products come from, we kick-start a virtuous cycle that drives up the demand for responsibly sourced wood products, and increases the value of the forests that produce them.”

The integrated solution is available through the Nature’s Barcode™ timber verification program, delivered by DoubleHelix. For more information, visit www.naturesbarcode.com and sign up for a web demonstration.

About DoubleHelix

DoubleHelix helps people understand and care where their wood products come from, and make decisions that support forests, nature, and the communities that depend upon them. We do this through discovery and communication of the product journey from forest to end-product. Our in-country teams collect, verify and analyze supply chain data for presentation in a secure, controlled platform for communication to management, investors, consumers, and other key stakeholders. Through transparency and honesty, we help our clients build confidence, trust, loyalty, and market share. 


Bluenumber was introduced at the UN in 2015 as a tool to track and measure the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) from a beneficiary-centric perspective. Bluenumber can identify, enable and empower individuals such as small farmers or conscious consumers to help businesses trace their supply chains, verify and analyze their data, and generate evidence to support their sustainability claims. Bluenumber has offices in Singapore, USA, Japan, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Germany.


Sourcemap is a software company specializing in supply chain transparency. Companies use Sourcemap to trace their products to the source and ensure that their responsible sourcing standards are met every step of the way. Sourcemap uses a cloud-based social network to discover sub-suppliers, collect data on transactions, and verify each step of the supply chain through data science and advanced geo-analytics. More than 250,000 farms and mines are registered on the Sourcemap network, and dozens of companies including Timberland, Vans and Hershey’s have published their supply chains on www.sourcemap.com.

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