B#ID is your self-generated digital identity you own and control it.

Every B#ID is a unique key for the same, single, specific entity across any system. It can be cross-referenced for systems (like blockchain) to sync without data replication.

Bluenumber Foundation credentials every B#ID and protects the SSID’s data rights.

The B#Ecosystem creates communities. People self-identify with the Organizations, Places and Things in their network.

B#IDs are free. It costs nothing to create, assign or receive. You permission and share data easily and link your relationships and transactions.

Self-declared B#IDs can be openly verified by cross-referencing and matching with independent databases.

Data interoperates transparently – always with the holder’s informed consent.

Four integrated components show, organize, manage and create wealth for every b#ID in the B#Ecosystem

B#App creates SSID to own and control your b#ID data

Partner Apps deliver services for b#IDs

B#Sky Control Tower for an organization to view and engage their network visualize and analyze value chains and networks. Manage and engage connections with stakeholders.

B#Market exchange to trade data created by connections and relationships

    • Connects people, organizations, places and things. See your communities,  networks and supply chains.
    • Access B#Market to share data, get paid directly to e-wallet.
    • Access Partner Apps.
    • Store SSID credentials on blockchain.
    • Track and trace with blockchain.
    • Directly survey your supply chain. Verify your sustainability claims.
    • Geolocate risks and opportunities for strategy and planning.
    • Get direct employee feedback and identify forced labor and slavery.
    • Engage with foreign workers and verify working conditions.
    • Measure impacts according to the UN SDGs.
    • Channel for partners to offer digital services directly to b#ID holders.
    • Focused functions – impact measurement, KYC, microfinance, worker voices, SDG scorecards.
    • Single sign-on SSID shares only what the b#ID holder wants.
    • Credentials added directly to b#ID wallets by partners – reciprocal validation.
    • For b#ID holders to monetize data assets they create.
    • Where b#ID holders assert data rights with compensation for data they share.
    • Establishes buyer-seller consent for data exchange with direct payment to b#ID wallets.
    • Store of b#ID credentials for verification, microcredit, tenancy, skills.