b#ID is your self-generated digital identity
you own and control it

  • Every b#ID is a unique key for the same, single, specific entity across any system. It can be cross-referenced for systems (like blockchain) to sync without data replication.
  • The B#Ecosystem creates communities. People self-identify with the Organizations, Places and Things in their network.
  • Self-declared b#IDs can be openly verified by cross-referencing and matching with independent databases.
  • Bluenumber Foundation credentials every b#ID and protects the SSID’s data rights.
  • b#IDs are free. It costs nothing to create, assign or receive. You permission and share data easily and link your relationships and transactions.
  • Data interoperates transparently – always with the holder’s informed consent.
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B#App creates SSID to own and control your b#ID data

Partner Apps deliver services for b#IDs

B#Sky Control Tower for an organization to view and engage their network visualize and analyze value chains and networks. Manage and engage connections with stakeholders.

B#Market exchange to trade data created by connections and relationships

Four integrated components show, organize, manage and create wealth for every b#ID in the B#Ecosystem

    • Connects people, organizations, places and things. See your communities,  networks and supply chains.
    • Access B#Market to share data, get paid directly to e-wallet.
    • Access Partner Apps.
    • Store SSID credentials on blockchain.
    • Track and trace with blockchain.
    • Directly survey your supply chain. Verify your sustainability claims.
    • Geolocate risks and opportunities for strategy and planning.
    • Get direct employee feedback and identify forced labor and slavery.
    • Engage with foreign workers and verify working conditions.
    • Measure impacts according to the UN SDGs.
    • Channel for partners to offer digital services directly to b#ID holders.
    • Focused functions – impact measurement, KYC, microfinance, worker voices, SDG scorecards.
    • Single sign-on SSID shares only what the b#ID holder wants.
    • Credentials added directly to b#ID wallets by partners – reciprocal validation.
    • For b#ID holders to monetize data assets they create.
    • Where b#ID holders assert data rights with compensation for data they share.
    • Establishes buyer-seller consent for data exchange with direct payment to b#ID wallets.
    • Store of b#ID credentials for verification, microcredit, tenancy, skills.

Emily is a coffee retailer.

She only sells ethical and sustainable coffee which is traced to farmers with good practices, paid fair prices and free of child labour.

Her b#ID and B#Sky shows all her suppliers. She gets direct stakeholder feedback from source to satisfied customer.

She uses B#Sky to survey suppliers and customers directly. They can thank and tip growers directly from their own b#IDs.

Lakshmi farms coffee.

She downloads the B#App on her phone. She generates a b#ID for herself and one for her farm.

She uses an integrated Bluenumber Partner Service, like FarmeX, via the B#App to buy farm supplies, check the weather forecast, and get tips on how to be a more successful farmer.

She gets market information through and sells her coffee though the B#-enabled Partner App for a fair price.

Jess studies climate impacts.

She needs on-farm data for her climate research. Her B#Sky analytics identifies Lakshmi and her co-op partners as vulnerable to changes in climate.

She asks Lakshmi questions directly via her B#App. Jess pays Lakshmi for her data because her data adds value to the research. Jess can also use her connection with Lakshmi to give her advice and guidance.

Yau is a conscious consumer.

He values ethical sourcing. .

He creates his own free b#ID scans a QR code at his local coffee shop. He sends a thank you with a tip directly to the Lakshmi’s co-op.

Yau supports brands that prove how they help farmers earn a living income, do not use forced labour and preserve the environment. If he wanted, he could easily trace back from Emily to Ram to Lakshmi because they all have b#IDs. He doesn’t just have to trust a label.


About Emily

About Ram

About Lakshmi

About Yau

About Jess

About Fredrik

Ram is a coffee processor.

He uses his own b#ID and B#Sky Control Tower to connect with coffee growers, survey sustainability practices and engage suppliers.

Ram can show his customers that he sources from farmers with premium quality and sustainable production. Ram pays farmers directly for their sustainability and production data via the wallet in the B#App.

Fredrik promotes human rights.

He uses his b#ID to connect with Lakshmi to ask if she can send her kids to school, has title to her land, faces any discrimination.

He asks Lakshmi questions via her B#App and gets her consent to direct local NGOs and community organizations to help her.

Fredrik helps Lakshmi organize her data so she can receive subsidies and support that she is entitled to.