India: Bluenumber and Upcelerator Partner for Digital Identity and Traceability

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Bluenumber and Upcelerator Solutions will partner in India to develop and deliver blockchain-based digital identity and supply chain track-and-trace solutions to producers, consumers and companies aiming to assure quality and sustainability.

The holistic grower-centric and buyer-focused Bluenumber-Upcelerator approach enables setting sustainability targets and delivers traceability to drive improvements for the country.

“India has a strong demand for advanced track ‘n trace technologies and serialization innovation. Bluenumber is a “global aadhar for things”, which will greatly improve traceability, supply chain resiliency and transparency in various sectors. We anticipate the strongest growth in agriculture and food supply chains leveraging increased investment by large players in this industry. Our solutions respond directly to the increasing consumer concerns and calls for food safety and ensuring equity for farmers.” said Balaji Ayyangar, CEO of Upcelerator Solutions.

Puvan Selvanathan, Founder and CEO of Bluenumber, said “We have found natural synergy with Upcelerator Solutions. We have a shared goal to improve traceability, especially in the Indian food industry. We will also bring SDG Scorecard capability to help Indian companies measure and improve supply chain sustainability”.

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A bluenumber (B#) is a unique alphanumeric code for any person, organisation, place or thing that can be used to identify, enable and empower individuals, such as a farmer or a conscious consumer. It is a primary key to link datasets and verify information from multiple sources. To date, over half a million bluenumbers have been issued in supply chains across the globe. With a growing partner network, Bluenumber helps businesses trace their supply chains, verify and analyse their data, and generate evidence to support their sustainability claims.

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