Partnership to Blockchain Digital Identity for Farmers Globally

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Bluenumber Foundation and The New Fork are partnering to design and develop a public blockchain for all farmers to have unique self-sovereign digital identity. Building on the success of the Strike Two Summit, this partnership will benefit farmers globally by enabling them to monetize their data, have digital property rights, and be fully visible as vital contributors to the food system using blockhained bluenumbers (B#s).

“Food traceability is the ideal use case for blockchain technology. With digital IDs we bring supply chain transparency to include millions of farmers who are currently invisible. Volatile market prices of crops should not dictate the value of farmers. Because blockchain is consensus-based farmers can validate themselves peer-to-peer, building on the trust of their communities and consumers. Everyone who grows, processes or eats can verify their claim in the food system” said Marieke de Ruyter de Wildt, CEO of The New Fork, and working at the frontier of blockchain technology for supply chain transparency toward global food integrity.

A bluenumber (B#) is a unique alphanumeric code for any person, place, organisation or thing. B#s can be used to identify, enable and empower both farmers and conscious consumers. Each B# is a primary key to link datasets from multiple sources. B#s are a basis for blockchain to cross-validate and reference farmer identities, as well as their farms and assets. B#s make supply chains transparent and with blockchain-verified digital identities every farmer can generate peer-backed evidence to support claims for sustainability practices.

Puvan Selvanathan, Chair of the Blueumber Foundation, says “We are putting the humans back into the agribusiness machine. Over the centuries the food industry has made farms into factories and farmers into commodities. Connectivity allows us to talk directly to growers again. Our public blockchain gives farmers the right to be remembered for who they are, not just what they grow, or how much that is sold for. We need to fix the food system by dignifying a billion small farmers with a choice not to be faceless and forgotten”.

The partners are initiating digital identity pilot projects in India, Africa and Southeast Asia for farmers in sectors including rice, cocoa, coffee and palm oil. All B#s are free of charge and all digital IDs are neutral and self-sovereign. Farmers cooperatives, NGOs and any communities are invited to join the open standard and benefit from data rights. Put yourself on your own map!

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